Welcome to the home of happy LONGEARED Miniature Donkeys (thus the name) ALL-EARZ

Our jennets (& future jennets) at Allearz Miniature Donkeys: Introducing: "the girls"
                       take time to smell the flowers
just for fun!.........-don't try this at home! 

    We love all colors of donkeys!  Some people "specialize". To us, they are ALL special! 

CCCritters Tina

d.o.b. Feb. 20, 2006

Sire: MF Zacharia
Dam: MF Maria

Tina is 29". a wonderful mama,
and always has tiny and healthy babies.
Country Music's Millenuum
aka "Millie"
d.o.b. Jan. 15, 2000

Sire"Country Music's Kenny Rogers

Dam: Country Music's April Reyes

Millie is 30" and a fantastic mom. She
is no trouble at all, but keeps to herself
in the herd.

Dream on    pedigree coming soon

Pot of Gold




ShortCake   (baby picture)

Gypsy Rose     (baby pic.)

Little Sadie
Sadie is not new, but she's important
around here,too!

Sadie is the "baby sitter". She gets along with every one, and sometimes
keeps the jack company.
 Years ago, she had mini horse babies,
but is not interested in having a mule
baby! She is a good companion for
any one on the farm, who needs company!