The Soul's Imperatives



Your Seven Inner Commands


Unlike your typical Psychic Readings where predictions about your personal future, a future relationship or the provision of future treasures are supposedly read in your stars, moon and other outside phenomena, Alan's Readings offer to work with you and your personal present situation to discover the best path for you to follow and accomplish the success you want and deserve right now.

Whether your problem is about a personal relationship, about money matters, about a job, etc., Alan DeValle will listen to your present situation and, as you tell your story, he will pick up the bits and pieces from your past, present and future that he will need to predict the path you should follow.

The best path to achieve what you want is right in front of you and Alan will help you remove the obstacles from your past, will help you evaluate your present, and will help you see the future you need to know to best assist you with your problem.

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The Soul's Imperatives

Do you know who you are?
Do you know why you are here?

If you have any doubts about your purpose, or if you are having any conflicts or challenges to expressing who you truly are, then this is the perfect time to declare your "SOUL'S IMPERATIVES."

In less than an hour you will know who you are and why you are here on the planet. In a single session you will clearly and confidently be able to communicate the SEVEN COMMANDS guiding your life. The expression of these imperatives is unique to you and only you. As you speak each of your seven commands, the breath of the universe will inspire you to fulfil your own destiny. Consciously affirming your Soul's Imperatives will allow you to actualize the very qualities of the commands themselves.

Is it really that simple? Yes it is. Is it really so accessible? Yes it is! Take this opportunity to see how one hour of your time can make a lifetime of difference.

Private Sessions in Person (New York City only) or by Telephone.
By Appointment Only.
Special Occasions and Group Events.
~ English or Spanish ~

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Alan DeValle

Alan DeValle              

A natural born intuitive, Alan has studied metaphysical arts and travelled the globe doing psychic readings, workshops and spiritual healing circles. He is now doing the greatest work of his life: The Soul's Imperatives - a process that allows you to open up to your seven inner commands. Having lived in Hawaii for twenty years, he believes everyone can discover their own personal paradise through their soul's seven commands. Facilitating the expression of your imperatives is Alan's greatest joy.

Alan is now a resident of New York City. He invites you to discover new opportunities, insight and inspiration in an atmosphere of trust, exploration and loving support.

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