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Tertiary level academic work is a great leap from high school. Critical analysis, research skills and writing for academic purposes are not the focus of high school; yet these are the skills that you are expected to have to make the grade in university.

Who taught you these skills and prepared you for university life?

If you are:
  • finding it difficult to develop and apply these skills to your assignments and term papers
  • not getting the grades you expect even after all your effort
  • desirous of improving your researching and writing skills
  • worried about being able to improve your grades or simply make it through university successfully...

then you need to choose from the following options-:
face- to -face individual tutoring
online tutoring
editing services

Whether it is an assignment, essay, term paper, research project, thesis or dissertation, Making the Grade can help you.

Here is how the online service works
Pay for sessions in advance-  US$15 per hour. You can use the hour all at once or in blocks or 20 minutes or 30 minutes.

To do this 1) contact me by email - joyfulplace@yahoo.com- and suggest three possible times for the first session.
                 2) when we schedule the first session you pay here by clicking on the button

                 3) when payment is received we will agree on  location for session.
The online sessions can be conducted either through the virtual classroom at
www.wiziq.com or through instant messenger or live call at skype.

If you have a paper that you need help with you can send the paper by email and get specific feedback by email. You can also schedule an online session  for further discussion and help with the paper.

For face-to-face sessions call (297)-562-7081 or (301)-202-9960 for an appointment.

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I have created the sister site to A Joyful Place, for information and resources on education and social and emotional learning. Visit at www.marilynrobb.webs.com

This site remains the main source for emotional healing and living the life of your dreams.

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