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Commercial Pilot

There are many possibilities available to a commercial pilot.  Some of these include, senic flights, ferry flights, crop dusting, banner towing, fire fighting, aerial photography, and student instruction when accompanied by a flight instructor certificate.  If desired, a person may continue to gain flight experience and obtain a position with one of the various airlines or cargo carriers.  Once a commercial certificate is obtained, the sky is the limit!

Total minimum training costs from zero time through commercial (total 250 hrs flight time):

 Private Pilot Certification  $6020.00
 Instrument Rating  $6455.00
 50 hours additional flight training  $6500.00
 *20 hours complex training  $3500.00
 105 hours solo flight   $8400.00
 Commercial pilot kit  $125.00
 Written test  $165.00
 Practical test  $500.00

                                                      Total:               $31,665.00

* The hours of complex are completed in a Piper Arrow II PA28R-200.

                          (Actual cost may vary based on individual need)