Agatha's Cards


About Site  (Still Inprogress)

Welcome To Agatha's Cards. Hello everyone, I am the owner and my name is Qiyamah. I am a student who is attending Cal State LA and I am a senior. I am in the progress of receiving my B.A. degree in Art. Each card is made with my heart, soul, and at times by hand. I made this website to satisfy the hunger of a wonderful hobby. I also make little doodles that makes people's blogs and profile more personalized. I know that in this age, many people still think that artists do not have any other form of skills but to draw, paint, sculpture, and to vandalize your private property. I want to use artwork to bring healing and happiness to the world.

Agatha's Cards is named after both of my grandmothers. It is named after them because I inherited their name. My grandmother on my mother side was the one that encouraged me to use my talents to make a business. The cards that I design are personalized, unique, and have a cute twist to them.