Aeryn Traxx


Just a few words about me...

       I have been writing since the age of twelve. I never wanted to be published, I just needed to write my stories to get them out of my head. Before my mother passed away in 2007, she asked that I share my work with the world. So here I am, several short stories and a novella under my belt.
       I am very family driven and with the help of my 20 year old daughter and significant other, I plan to keep writing under my various pen names for many years to come. While my human family always comes first, my four legged wonders come in a very close second in my heart. I live with a border collie and a terror.... oh sorry I mean terrier mix. Every once in a while I get a visit from the pug and yellow lab that live with the ex.
       I mentioned I have a daughter who lives with me but I also have several stepkids plus two grandkids that are strewn from one coast to the other. Makes for entertaining holidays. I myself am fifty something and I'm proud of it. My partner and I love the learning channels, scifi movies and gardening. Boring to most but we love it.
        I have every intention of writing until the day I die. So check my site often. I've got a webmistress now and she does a great job of nagging me for tidbits to share with you all. She's 20, nagging comes naturally to her, lol.

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