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Since I have so many works in progress and everyone wants to know what's next I thought you might want to see a little from some of them. So here are 1000 words from several of my stories that I hope to have out within the next year


“I’m a vampire.”

“You’re kidding.”


“Vampires aren’t real.”

“That’s what we prefer mortals to believe.”

“No really. There’s no such thing as a vampire. There’re people out there who think they are and have fake teeth made and stuff like that but none of it’s real.” Allesandro stood beside the ornate king-size four poster bed. His hands moving through the air as if doing so added credence to his statement.

“I’m real. Turned over 300 years ago. Still alive and kicking. Well, alive in an undead sort of way.”                 “Constantine there is no such thing as vampires.”

“What will it take to convince you that I am a vampire?” Constantine pulled the coffee service on a silver tray at the bottom of the bed up next to him.

“Oh. I don’t know.” Caught at a loss Allesandro dropped his hands to his hips. “Fangs for a start.” The words thrown at his companion the way a knight of old would have slapped a rival with his gloves.

“Like these?”

Allesandro watched transfixed as his lover’s teeth grew longer and longer, irrefutable proof that Constantine was not lying. “Those made the holes in my neck?” It came out in barely a whisper. He could not tear his eyes away from the pearly white elongated teeth.

“Yes.” With a shake of his head Constantine willed the teeth to retract. As he sipped his espresso Allesandro’s gaze moved from his mouth to look into his eyes.

Allesandro looked up into the face of his lover as he fingered the two small holes in his neck. “OH.MY.GOD. I can’t live like this! I can’t kill other people just to stay alive.” As the enormity of the situation came crashing down Allesandro moved to the nearest floor to ceiling window and grabbed the heavy drapes. With a tear in his eye he looked over his shoulder at the man he had been in love with for so very long and announced “Goodbye cruel world.” He threw open the drapes, the bright midday sun bathing him from head to foot.  

Constantine watched from the bed. “Sandy what are you rambling on about?”

Allesandro opened his eyes and looked down at his naked body. “I thought you burst into flames when the sun hit your skin?” A second look at his naked body proved he was not harmed in any way.

Constantine sighed heavily from his vantage point on the bed. “Who told you that?”

“I read it in a book. A book by a well known author. A bestselling author if you must know.”

Constantine took another sip of his espresso and set both cup and saucer onto the tray. “Ah. So you thought you were going to die if you threw yourself in front of the noon day sun?” He raised an eyebrow at his companion then crossed his arms over his chest.

“Yes.” Allesandro answered through clenched teeth each hand still holding tightly to the brocade drapes. Moments passed and neither man said anything.

Constantine retrieved his espresso and took another sip. He watched as Allesandro started to hyperventilate, stark naked, eyes straight ahead looking into the midsummer sun. “Are we having a moment darling?” Constantine asked between sips.

“No!” Allesandro answered with a huff not lost on his lover.

“I see.”

“No you don’t. That’s just it. You don’t see.” Allesandro shook his head trying to keep panic from taking him over.

“Well, with your jewels hanging out like that luv I’m sure someone is getting an eyeful.” Constantine pointed with the small cup at Allesandro’s middle. He noticed the cup was empty and set it down on the tray to refill it.

Allesandro looked down and realized he WAS naked. With a quick flick of his wrists he pulled the heavy drapes closed then leaned back against the casement. “What’s happening to me?”

“Nothing that didn’t happen to you yesterday or the day before that.”

“But…But…you’re a vampire. You bit me.”

“I think we’ve already established that. I’ve been a vampire for over 300 years.”

“Yeah but…I’ve been sleeping with a vampire!”

“So? We’ve been sleeping together for nearly a year. Think that makes this a relationship actually…”

“CONNIE!” Allesandro shouted at his lover than ran a hand through his hair.

Constantine looked over at him with a raised eyebrow. “What?”


“Me? I’m not the one having “issues” this morning. Just because you found two little holes you’re going completely off the deep end.”

 Allesandro slid down the window until he hit the floor. “You drank my blood and now I’m going to turn into a vampire.”

“Really?” Constantine asked as he looked over the edge of his cup at his mortal lover. “You’re sure?”

“Yeah! You bite me. I turn into a child of the night while you forget all about me and run off to make more vampires. I’m left to spend endless days and nights trying to figure it all out, lonely and miserable. Back alleys and drinking the blood of drunks become my life.”

“You get all that from a book?”

“Several actually. Bestselling author, remember?”


Allesandro looked over at his lover, a scowl on his face. “All you can say is Ah? You turned me into a vampire and all you can say is Ah??? I’m…I’m…”

“You’re about to have another moment. Put your head between your knees and count to one hundred.”

Allesandro did not question it, he simply did as he was told.

Constantine put his empty cup on the tray and moved the whole thing to the night table. He rearranged the bedcovers and plumped up the pillows while his lover droned on counting.

“…ninety eight, ninety nine, one hundred.”

“Feel better now?”

“I have a kink in my neck.”

“But you’re done with the little drama queen episode and we can talk rationally?”

“Hey! I am NOT a drama queen.”

“Sweetie you had your jewels hanging out the balcony window. Not too sure what else I can call you.”

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