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Chapter 12

Six! Count 'em, six birthdays in one chapter!

The clan grows up and birthdays abound. We're getting closer to being able to let our Heir return to the Shmoe homestead!

Chapter 11

Riley's Bliss

After a bit of a misstart, the end of college finally arrives and Riley gets to plan the rest of his life with the woman of his dreams. (She enjoys his conversations about Grilled Cheese, for goodness' sake!)

Chapter 10

College is as College Does

The boys start winding down their college experience. And we take another quick visit back to the main Shmoe household.

Chapter 9

Ordinary Lives Can Be Blissful Lives

Danielle's life, while taking an unexpected (ACR generated) turn, is definitely a soothingly ordinary life.

Chapter 8

Insanity Reigns Supreme

How do Anneke and Joe handle five newborns? Well, let's just say they're quite lucky they've had practice with multiples before. While Anne and Joe are fighting to keep their sanity, life is going beautifully for Corielle.

Chapter 7

Three! Three (Mini) Chapters in One! We check in with how Joe and Anneke are doing with all the kids off at college, take a quick pop over to the Acadmie to make sure said kids are still doing their homework, then return to see all the drama unfold back at the old homestead!

Chapter 6

Clearing Out

How do the boys handle college life.

Chapter 5

Taking College by Storm

Corielle and Danielle handle the adjustment to college just fine.

Chapter 4

Enjoying What Life Has to Offer

Things keep moving up and up for the Shmoes, despite a few heartbreaks.

Chapter 3

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

How fares Joe Shmoe and his new bride?

Chapter 2

An Angel Comes to Earth

How does Joe do with wooing the angel of his heart?

Chapter 1

An Average Joe Meets an Angel

Meet Joe Shmoe and see how an ordinary life can change in a heartbeat.

Legacy Land Founder Legacy Challenge

The Legacy Land Minionettes are doing a Founder Legacy .. this is our founder.. Joe Shmoe, a Knowledge Pisces sim.

The only real rules that we have agreed on are as follows:

1. Everyone begins with the same founder genetically, aspiration, and zodiac sign. Turn ons and turn off and secondary aspiration are up to the simmer.
2. Everyone begins with §5,000 cash regardless of lot size.
3. Hacks are allowed but no money cheats.
4. Blog it so we can see how its progressing. Update at least every two weeks. If you don't, bring out the hounds!
5. Marriages - marry only NPCs and townies. Custom townies are encouraged!

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