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Photography and Abstract Art by Wendy Lopez

 At Abstract Mind by W~lo, Wendy Lopez's Photography shows a passion for Lifestyle on location photography offering a creative and natural style in photography to capture those most candid moments in your life. Wendy's relaxed style of shooting allows her to capture those spontaneous, real, emotions. Wendy gives direction to her clients and then lets the rest fall naturally into place. She loves to see people laughing having a good time, capturing these genuine moments with her client drives her passion for photography. Her philosophy in photography is to keep every thing as real as possible, with a lifestyle, natural feel and letting things just happen and letting the lens capture the true moments in a clients life. She captures your mood, emotion, expressions and creates an artistic vision with her photography. In the end Wendy wants to be able to tell you a story through her pictures. Wendy's focus is on Children, family and boudoir photography. Wendy Not only focuses on Photography but also has a love for Abstract Art. She expresses her emotions and feelings in her art and puts it into a digital Abstract making it available to others to share and display in their home. Wendy Lopez is currently earning her Bachelors of Science in Photography, and has her Associates in Business management. Let Abstract Mind by W~Lo Photography and Art create and share your memories in a beautiful way.


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