Shakka-Staffs Athletic Staffords

Athletic, Fit not Fat dog's the way theyre meant to be.

Gr Ch Abbey CC @ Shakkastaffs (K.C) (I.K.C)


For such a little girl Abbey has excelled in athletics keeping up with the bigger dogs, she is of perfect breed standard, 15 inches 33lbs and a prooven weightpull dog amongst other events. Abbey became IKC Ch Abbey at the tender age of 17 months this we are very proud of. Abbey has the drive of a stafford when it comes to athletics but is the perfect home dog when shes switched off. Brought up with 3 young children, and other dogs she is perfect around both. I can 100 percent trust her. She is KC and IKC registered.

 On the 26th of April 2009 Abbey became Grand Champion we are over the moon with her achievment. (23 months old)

On the 27th March 2011 Abbey became Champion of Champion's, Shes done us proud, the first bitch ever.

Shakkastaffs Black Prince (Gr Ch Osiris) (K.C) (I.K.C)


 This is the pup we have kept from the breeding with, Gr Ch Abbey CC and Riskys  Gr Ch Mason CC. Gr Ch Osiris 36lbs and 18.75 inches tall. Hes a fast learner. He did amazingly well in puppy conformation winning 5 out of 5 in 2010, and atletics wise has already run 8:53 100m.


 He is great with people and the kids adore him he loves cuddles and lying on top of anyone warm.

Brindey's Caliburn @ Shakkastaffs (Cali) (K.C) (I.K.C)



Caliburn, bred out of Barnstorm dogs a true firecracker just like her mum. Full of beans, a little bundle of joy. She ran her first adult race March 2012 and won it.


Now 35lbs and 17.5 inches tall. She cannot sit still.

(R.I.P) Rameses (the great) @ Shakkastaffs (K.C) (I.K.C)



Rameses was 17.5 inches 37lbs of pure adrenalin. He was a young boy, but was a great athlete. Hes had a prooven temprement both around people and other dogs. He was from pure show stock and a decendant of the m line with many famous old staffords in his history. We were expecting good things from him this year, hes was an allrounder. We lost him at the age of two. He will always be remembered rest in peace my little one.

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