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Wyoming    (WY)

Pioneer - embossed, Type 1

The first pairs were issued in 1959, with numbers starting at 1.  The first 65 numbers were assigned by lottery.  Plate number 348 was issued in 1965. 

Pioneer - embossed, Type 2

Around serial number 1000, the numbers and legend were moved towards the top of the plate.

Pioneer - flat, Type 1

This flat style plate (with a small bar code bottom right) was introduced in 2003, around serial #3200.

Pioneer - flat, Type 2

Some minor format changes (new position for "Pioneer", smaller cowboy, no barcode) were made in 2006, around serial #3400.

Ken Stratton collection


Pioneer plates are for antique motor vehicles at least 25 years old.  The vehicle must be operated solely for antique car club activities, exhibitions, tours and other related activities, and must not be used for general transportation.  The plates remain valid with no renewal required until ownership of the vehicle changes.


Wyoming DOT about Pioneer plates

Wyoming DOT Rules and Regulations for Antique Motor Vehicles [PDF format]

Online ALPCA Archives - Wyoming [requires member password]


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Notes from Ken Stratton (ALPCA 3628).


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