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West Virginia    (WV)


1957 Antique Car

The first of 20 consecutive annual steel issues.  Numbers started at 1 each year.

1958 Antique Car

Only in '58 was the "19" left off of the date.

1959 Antique Car

1960 Antique Car

1961 Antique

In 1961 and 1963, the state inexplicably used a different format, with debossed lettering, a "V" prefix on the serial, and the type shortened to "Antique."

1962 Antique Car

1963 Antique

The start of an alternating pattern that lasted until 1976.  Debossed yellow-on-blue plates were used in odd numbered years.

1964 Antique Car

Embossed blue-on-yellow plates were used in even numbered years.

1965 Antique Car

The "Mountain State" slogan was used for the first time.

1966 Antique Car

1967 Antique Car

1968 Antique Car

1969 Antique Car (regular dies)

1969 Antique Car (4 digit / small dies)

Until 1973, smaller dies for "Antique Car" were used only with 4-digit serials.

1970 Antique Car

1971 Antique Car

1972 Antique Car

1973 Antique Car

Beginning this year, the smaller "Antique Car" dies were used regardless of the number of digits in the serial.

1974 Antique Car

1975 Antique Car

1976 Antique Car

1976 base Antique Car

The first graphic plate, made of aluminum, renewed with stickers. 

1985 base Antique Car

The blue border around the state outline was gone on the "85" base.  When serials exceeded 9999, the first two digits were stacked to accommodate the extra length.

1990s base Antique Car

This new base with a different layout (no state outline) first appeared in the late 1990s, in the 14000 serial block.

2000s base Antique Car

The URL for the state's tourism site ( was added to the plate in the early 2000s.


An Antique Vehicle is defined as a vehicle more than 25 years old, owned as a collector's item, not used for general transportation.  Antique Vehicle plates must be renewed annually.


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