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Wisconsin    (WI)

Yellow-on-Purple Antique, type 1

Issued in pairs, with numbers starting at 1, from 1957 to 1959.  Tab slots in upper right (though tabs apparently not used).  Bolt slot upper left.  Debossed crease before and after "WIS."

Yellow-on-Purple Antique, type 2

This type issued ~1960 to ~1961.  Bolt slot moved to lower left, and no crease around "WIS".  Also confirmed is number 342.

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Yellow-on-Purple Antique, type 3

Issued ~1962 to ~1963.  Bolt slot moved back to upper left.

Yellow-on-Purple Antique, type 4

Issued ~1963 to 1969.  Tab slots discontinued.  Numbers 701 and 1991 also confirmed in this style.

Yellow-on-Purple Antique, type 5

Issued 1969 to ~1977, beginning around number 2000.  Half length crease under legend.  Also confirmed are numbers 2047 and 3640.

Yellow-on-Purple Antique, type 6

Issued ~1977 to ~1979.  Full length crease under legend.  Highest confirmed number is 5569.

Green-on-Gold Antique

This style, featuring an embossed old car, was introduced in 1979.


The Antique classification is for vehicles from model year 1945 or earlier which are not modified from original specifications.  "The vehicle can only be used for special occasions such as display and parade purposes or for necessary testing, maintenance and storage purposes."  The registration is valid for as long as the applicant owns the vehicle.


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