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Vermont    (VT)


1957 Antique Car

Made of aluminum, with numbers starting at 1.  The same format was used through 1966, with colors alternating annually between white-on-green and green-on-white.

1958 Antique Car

1959 Antique Car

1960 Antique Car

1961 Antique Car

From 1961 through 1966, the plates did not have upper bolt holes.

1962 Antique Car

1963 Antique Car

1964 Antique Car

1965 Antique Car

1966 Antique Car

1967-68 Antique

The dated 1967 Antique plate was reflectorized with debossed lettering, and was renewed with a sticker for 1968.

1969-71 Antique

The 1969-71 plate was an undated base with "Antique" on top and "See Vermont" below. 

1972-76 Antique, Type 1

This version has a lightly debossed "72" in the sticker box.

1972-76 Antique, Type 2

"Antique" moved to the bottom of the plate.

1972-76 Antique, Type 3

The word "See" and the debossed "72" were dropped.

Undated Antique, "Circle" base

This version, renewed with stickers through 1984, was first issued in 1977.

Undated Antique Maple Tree base, Type 1

This base was introduced in 1985, with diagonal printing of "Antique". 

Undated Antique Maple Tree base, Type 2

Narrow dies came into use shortly before a fourth character was added to the serial.



Antique plates are for vehicles at least 25 years old.  Use is restricted to club and exhibition-related activities.


Vermont Antique License Plate Guide of Jeff Fazekas (ALPCA 9896)

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