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Virginia    (VA)

Antique Vehicle (Porcelain)

Introduced in 1954. Size 5" x 10". Designed to resemble the state's first passenger car plates (1906-09).  Numbering started at #1906 to commemorate the first year of VA plates.

Antique Vehicle (Aluminum), Type 1

Around #6600, the porcelain construction was obsoleted by a painted sheet of flat aluminum, simulating the porcelain appearance.

Antique Vehicle (Aluminum), Type 2

When numbers reached 5 digits, the plate length was increased to 12.5". 

Antique Vehicle (Aluminum), Type 3

A different style font was used on this version.

Antique Vehicle (Aluminum), Type 4

Here the size became the standard 6" x 12", and a plastic sticker (rather than paint) was affixed to the aluminum sheet.

Undated Antique

This newer offering is a more conventional aluminum plate with an embossed serial.  Registrants can choose either this or the white-on-black design.


Antique plates are for vehicles at least 25 years old and owned solely as a collector's item.  Use is restricted to participation in club events, exhibits, parades and similar events.  "General transportation" is prohibited, but "occasional pleasure driving" is allowed.


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