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Utah    (UT)

Horseless Carriage, Type 1

First issued in pairs in 1961, with numbers starting at 1000 or 1001.  Made of steel.

Horseless Carriage, Type 2

Here the material is changed to aluminum.

Chuck Sakryd collection

Horseless Carriage, Type 3

For a brief period circa 1973, the plates were made of galvanized steel with a reflective background.

Chuck Sakryd collection

Horseless Carriage, Type 4

Soon the plates changed back to aluminum construction (but the reflectorization remained).

Horseless Carriage, Type 5

Here's the "small dies" version of the 1980s partially-screened base (only the numbers are embossed).

Horseless Carriage, Type 6

Like the preceding design, but with large dies.

Horseless Carriage, Type 7

This version has a thicker stroke for the numbers.  Plate #5514 has a security mark dated 1989.

Chuck Sakryd collection

Vintage Vehicle

Around 1993, this type replaced the Horseless Carriage type.

Vintage Vehicle (Arch base)

The Arch base is the current issue.


A Vintage Vehicle must be at least 40 years old, primarily a collector's item, and used for exhibitions, tours, parades, etc., but not daily general transportation.  The plates are valid indefinitely, and there is no annual renewal fee.


Utah DMV information about Vintage Vehicle plates

Utah legislative code pertaining to Vintage Vehicles

Online ALPCA Archives - Utah [requires member password]


Antique Automobile, May-June 1961 issue, "New Antique Plates", p 178.

Notes from Chuck Sakryd.


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