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Texas    (TX)

1963 Antique Auto

First issued in pairs in 1958 and valid until March 31, 1963.  New issues have followed every five years.

1968 Antique Auto

1973 Antique Auto

1978 Antique Auto, Type 1

1978 Antique Auto, Type 2

Midway through the 1973-78 issue, the format was changed, with the expiration date moving to the top of the plate.

1983 Antique Auto

1988 Antique Auto

1993 Antique Auto

1993 Antique Vehicle

During the 1988-93 period, the plate design was again modified in mid-issue, with the type changing to "Antique Vehicle".

1998 Antique Vehicle

2003 Antique Vehicle

2008 Antique Vehicle, Type 1

The first fully flat version.

2008 Antique Vehicle, Type 2

A different way of indicating the expiration date is shown in this example.

2008 Antique Vehicle, Type 3

Some plates designate the March expiration with "3" instead of "03".

2013 Antique Vehicle, Type 1

2013 Antique Vehicle, Type 2

The size of the center graphic was reduced with the addition of a fifth character to the serial format.


"Antique plates are issued for passenger cars, trucks, or motorcycles that are at least 25 years old and are a collector’s item. The vehicle must be used exclusively for exhibitions, club activities, parades, or other functions of public interest and not used for regular transportation."


The Texas DOT web site includes statistics showing the number of active Antique Vehicle registrations for fiscal years 2008-2010:

Year Number of Antique registrations
2008 41,421
2009 65,409
2010 84,108


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