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Rhode Island    (RI)

1953-54 Antique

6" x 11" steel plates, issued in pairs starting with #1. Renewed with a metal tab for 1954.  

1955-56 Antique

The 1955 base was renewed with a '56 tab.

1957-58 Antique

This was the first 6" x 12" plate, renewed with a tab for 1958.

1959-60 Antique

This dated 1959 base is shown with a '60 tab.

1961-64 Antique

An undated aluminum base was used with date stickers for 1961 through 1964.

1965-67 Antique

The undated 1965 base was used with stickers through 1967.

Black-on-white Antique, Type 1

These 1968 base plates, and all subsequent issues until the graphic "Wave" base appeared, were renewable with stickers through 1997.

Black-on-white Antique, Type 2

The 1970s version shows a new layout, different dies and a reflectorized background..

1982 Antique (dated baseplate)

Blue-on-white plates with an embossed "82" in the upper right were issued for a year, with numbers in the 3000s.

1983 Antique (dated baseplate)

Dated baseplates were again issued in 1983, this time black-on-white with numbers in the 4000s. 

Black-on-white Antique, Type 3

This undated black-on-white base, with the embossed anchor graphic in the upper left, was issued around 1985-86.  Numbers were in the 1000 and the 5000 serial blocks.

Blue-on-white Antique, RI dies

Blue-on-white plates were issued from 1987 until 1996.

Blue-on-white Antique, MA dies

The blue-on-white plates in the 4000 serial block, issued around 1992, were manufactured in Massachusetts using that state's dies for the numbers.

Antique on Wave base, Type 1

The 1996 "Wave" base was the first general re-issue since 1968.

Antique on Wave base, Type 2

Around 1998, the "Ocean State" slogan was dropped, and the "Antique" legend moved to the bottom of the plate.



Antique plates are for vehicles over 25 years old.  If the vehicle carries only an Antique plate, it must be used solely for exhibitions, club activities, parades, and other functions of public interest.  However, if the vehicle passes state inspection and the owner pays the additional fee for passenger car plates, the vehicle may be used for general transportation while displaying Antique plates.  Antique plates must be renewed every 2 years.


R.I. DMV page on Antique Plates

R.I. code regarding registration of antique vehicles

Online ALPCA Archives - Rhode Island [requires member password]


Registered in R.I., book by Richard E. Dragon (Eastern Seaboard Press, 1997), pp 114-116.


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