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Pennsylvania    (PA)

Undated Antique Historic Car (Type 1)

Issued as single plates beginning in 1956.  Numbering started at 1.  After 9999, the serial format changed to A000, followed by 000A, AA00 and 00AA. 

Undated Antique Historic Car (Type 2)

Beginning with number CA00, an embossed border and reflective white paint were added.

Undated Antique Vehicle

In 2005, a new design was introduced (though the permanent purple plates remain valid).  The design features a graphic of a 1923 Oldsmobile roadster.  Serials started with A00A.


To be eligible for Antique plates, a vehicle must be over 25 years old and substantially conform to original manufacturer specifications.  Use is limited to participation in club activities, exhibits, tours, parades and occasional (no more than one day a week) transportation.

Pennsylvania also issues plates for Classic cars, defined as discontinued vehicles over 10 years old and having "significant value to collectors or exhibitors."


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