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1952-55 Old Timer

The original black-on-aluminum Old Timer plates came out in 1952 with "Duplicate" tabs, then were renewed annually through 1955 with passenger tabs.  Numbers started with A-1.

1956-63 Old Timer (Type 1)

This variation features an embossed "56" date surrounded by tab slots and screw holes.  The serial format is A-000.

1956-63 Old Timer (Type 2)

No embossed date under the tab; 1-000 serial format.  Circa 1957.

1956-63 Old Timer (Type 3)

No screw holes by the tab slots.  Circa 1959.

1956-63 Old Timer (Type 4)

No tab slots.  Circa 1961.

1956-63 Old Timer (Type 5)

Addition of the "Pacific Wonderland" slogan and use of new dies.  Circa 1963.

Yellow-on-blue Historic Vehicle

The legend was changed to "Historic Vehicle" in 1964, with numbers continuing where the old series left off.  The use of  renewal stickers was discontinued.  Plate #4-836 was issued in 1970.

Blue-on yellow Historic Vehicle (Type 1)

The colors were changed to blue-on-yellow about 1975.

Blue-on yellow Historic Vehicle (Type 2)

The dash was dropped from the serial around #9000.

Blue-on yellow Antique Vehicle

This type, still in use, originated in the late 1980s or so.


Another designation Oregon uses for older cars is "Special Interest".  The plates feature an S/P prefix, but no other indication of the type. 


The state defines an Antique Vehicle as "a vehicle that is older than one-half the number of years between the current year and 1900 and that is maintained as a collector’s item."  Use is limited to exhibitions, parades, club activities and similar uses.  The registration is considered permanent.

To be eligible for the permanent "Special Interest" plate, a vehicle must be at least 25 years old or be officially sanctioned as having special interest.  The usage restrictions are the same as for Antique Vehicles.


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