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Ohio    (OH)

Historical Vehicle, Type 1

14" x 6" steel pairs were introduced in 1953.  The numbering sequence went 101...999, A-1...Z-99, 1-A...99-Z.

Historical Vehicle, Type 2

Standard-sized 12" x 6" plates came out in 1967. Numbering continued from where the previous version left off.

Historical Vehicle, Type 3

This version is painted black on the back.  (The previous versions have white backs.)

Historical Vehicle, Type 4

This style is made of aluminum and reflectorized.  The back is unpainted.

Historical Vehicle, Type 5

The painted border was dropped, and closed sticker boxes were added.  The material reverted to steel for this and the subsequent types.

Historical Vehicle, Type 6

The sticker boxes are now open on two sides.

Historical Vehicle, Type 7

The latest variant is flat.  (Note that the "76" on the sticker signifies Stark County, not the year.)


"To qualify [for Historical plates], motor vehicles must be at least 25 years old. They are solely collector's items and are used for participation in club activities, exhibitions, tours, parades, etc. They are NOT for general transportation."


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