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New York    (NY)

1958 "ANT"

Two different types of antique vehicle plates were issued in the early years, "ANT" and "OLD."

1958 "OLD"

The 1958 plates were renewed with a metal tab for 1959.

1960 "ANT"


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1960 "OLD"

Renewed with a metal tab for 1961.

1962 "ANT"

A "63" metal tab validated the 1962 plates for another year.

1962 "OLD"


1964 "ANT"

The 1964 plates, featuring the "World's Fair" slogan, were renewed for 1965 with a long, thin, red sticker.

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1964 "OLD"


Undated Historical, orange-on-blue base

The Historical type was introduced in 1966, with numbers starting at HX-1.  The base was renewed annually with stickers (rear plate only) through 1973.

Undated Historical, blue-on-orange base

This base was first issued in 1973.  Renewal stickers were not used, as New York switched to windshield stickers in 1973.  After HX-9999, the serial format switched to 000-HX.

Undated Historical, Statue of Liberty base 

The Liberty base began replacing the orange base in 1986.  When numbers reached 9999HX, the numbering sequence picked up with HX10000.

Undated Historic, Empire State base

This flat graphic plate, first introduced in 2001, phased out the Liberty base by 2003.

Undated Historic, Empire State Gold base

The Gold base made its debut in 2010.

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Any motor vehicle more than 25 years old, used only as a collector's item or exhibition piece (not for daily transportation), may be registered with Historical plates.  Annual renewal is required.


New York DMV FAQ page about Historical plates

Online ALPCA Archives - New York [requires member password]


ALPCA Newsletter, October 1989 issue, "New York -- Non-passenger Plate Types", p 139, article by Keith Marvin.


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