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New Mexico    (NM)

Horseless Carriage, Type 1

The original style from the early 1960s is made from a thick piece of flat aluminum.  Numbering started with 1.

Horseless Carriage, Type 2

This version is a painted steel plate, flat except for an embossed border.  A special "Horseless Carriage" validation sticker was used for at least 1970.

Horseless Carriage, Type 3a

This style from the 1970s was embossed except for "Horseless Carriage".

Bob Osborn collection

Horseless Carriage, Type 3b

Here a different font was used for "Horseless Carriage".

Fred Schmidt collection

Horseless Carriage, Type 3c

And here's yet another font for "Horseless Carriage".

from eBay

Horseless Carriage, Type 4

A new format with a red-on-yellow color scheme appeared around 1979.

Horseless Carriage, Type 5

When serial numbers reached 4 digits, the Zia sun graphic was dropped.

Horseless Carriage, Type 6

This style, featuring a 0000-HC serial format and the return of the Zia sun, debuted in the 1990s.

Horseless Carriage, Type 6

Layout changes include the reappearance of the "Land of Enchantment" slogan.



Horseless Carriage plates are for vehicles at least 35 years old that are used for exhibition or educational purposes only.  A modest renewal fee is charged every 5 years.


New Mexico MVD information about Horseless Carriage plates

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