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New Jersey    (NJ)

Black-on-straw undated Historic

Authorized 1964 and first issued 1965.  Aluminum pairs with QQ-A100 serial format.  Plate #QQ-B123 was issued in late 1966; #QQ-N379 was issued in early 1979.

Black-on-straw undated Historic (Courtesy)

Registrants with DMV connections could receive special numbers (such as #QQ-T 11, which was issued to a 1911 Model T Ford).

Black-on-straw undated Historic (Reflectorized)

For a few months in 1969-70, the state experimented with a reflectorized background, then returned to the standard non-reflectorized paint.

Buff-on-blue undated Historic

This base appeared in 1979, with numbers continuing from where the old series left off.

Black-on-yellow undated Historic

The "fade" base was first used in 1992.  Current serials are 5 digits (QQ00000 format).

Black-on-yellow undated Historic (Personalized)

Vanity plates, which use a stacked "Q/Q" prefix, are permitted on the "fade" base.


A vehicle qualifies for Historic plates if it is at least 25 years old, owned as a collector's item, and used only for exhibition and educational purposes.


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Notes from Barry Black (ALPCA 9752).


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