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New Hampshire    (NH)


1954 Antique Auto

Issued in pairs with numbers starting at 1.  6" x 10" size.  Made of steel.

1955 Antique Auto

Two upper bolt slots were added in the second year of issue.

1956 Antique Auto

The first 6" x 12" plate.

1957 Antique Auto

1958 Antique Auto

From 1958 to 1966 the plates were manufactured with 8 mounting holes.

1959 Antique Auto

1960 Antique Auto

1961 Antique Auto

1962 Antique Auto

The state name and the year exchanged position with the 1962 plate.

1963 Antique Auto

The first aluminum plate.  Note that the raised border is not painted green like the lettering.

1964 Antique

The legend was shortened to "Antique", and a new layout and new dies were introduced.

1965 Antique

1966 Antique

The state name and the date/legend exchanged position.

1967 Antique

The bolt holes in the corners were dropped.

1968 Antique

1969 Antique

1970 Antique

1971 Antique

1972 Antique

1973-74 Antique

After 20 consecutive yearly issues, the series was broken when a renewal sticker on the '73 plate was used for 1974.

1975-79 Antique

The 1975 base was renewed annually with stickers through 1979.

1980 "AN" Antique

For 1980, the "Live Free or Die" slogan replaced the "Antique" legend, and only a suffix of "AN" designated the type.

Undated Antique, Type 1

In 1981, the "Old Man of the Mountain" graphic appeared on the plate.  This style was issued into the 1990s, renewed annually with stickers.

Undated Antique, Type 2

This version retains the embossed Old Man, but with "Antique" and "New Hampshire" screened.


Antique plates are for motor vehicles over 25 years old which are maintained for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades and other functions of public interest.


Antique Auto Panel from the New Hampshire License Plate Museum site of Gerry Griffin (ALPCA 7626)

New Hampshire statutes pertaining to Motor Vehicle registration

Online ALPCA Archives - New Hampshire [requires member password]


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