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Nebraska    (NE)

Black-on-white Antique, Type 1

Issued in pairs beginning 1953, with numbers starting at 1.  Made of steel.  Note the unusual 00-NEB serial format.

Black-on-white Antique, Type 2

The short-lived second issue used a more conventional layout with 000 serial format.  Plate #242 was issued in 1960.

Black-on-white Antique, Type 3

A new 000-NEB format came next.

Black-on-white Antique, Type 4

The state-shaped border was added in the mid 1960s.

Black-on-white Antique, Type 5

The separator dash was dropped when numbers reached 1000.

Black-on-white Antique, Type 6

At number 2000, "NEB" became "NB" and the separator dash returned.

Red-on-white Antique

The colors changed to red on white in the early 1970s.

Red-on-white Historical, Type 1

About 1975, "Antique" became "Historical" and the NB suffix was dropped.  The numbering sequence was not altered.

Red-on-white Historical, Type 2

With this version the state-shaped border was dropped and the state name was moved to the top of the plate.

Black-on-white Historical

In the mid 1980s, new dies were introduced and the red lettering was discontinued..

Blue-on-white Historical

Here is the blue-on-white version.

Blue-on-white Historical (flat)

Beginning about 2004, around #17000, flat plates featuring a short bar code were issued.



Historical plates are for vehicles 30 years old or older that are essentially unaltered from original specifications.  Historical vehicles may be driven for servicing, test drives, public displays, parades and hobby activities.  The plates are non-expiring.  The applicant must have another vehicle registered for regular transportation.


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