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North Dakota    (ND)

Undated green-on-white Pioneer (Type 1)

First issued circa 1958.  Undated steel base with 2 tab slots.  "N.D. Pioneer" is silkscreened.  

John Willard collection

1961 Pioneer

Embossed "61" date with a single tab slot.

Peter Cinquegrana collection

Undated green-on-white Pioneer (Type 2)

"N.D. Pioneer" is now embossed.  Plate #179 was issued in 1964.  This and all subsequent plates are aluminum.

Undated green-on-white Pioneer (Type 3)

The position of "N.D. Pioneer" has been centered..  

Private ALPCA collection

Undated green-on-white Pioneer (Type 4)

The upper right tab slot was removed..

Undated green-on-white Pioneer (Type 5)

A  dash separator was inserted in the serial soon after numbers reached 4 digits.

Undated green-on-white Pioneer (Type 6)

The plates were reflectorized around serial number 1600.

1980 Pioneer

This dated black-on-white version was issued for a short while.

from eBay

Undated black-on-white Pioneer (Type 1)

Same format as the 1980 plate, but without the embossed date.

Undated black-on-white Pioneer (Type 2)

New dies were used and the border was dropped around #3000.  This style continued after numbers reached five digits, but with an "A" prefix added.

Undated black-on-white Pioneer (Type 3)

"N.D. Pioneer" and "Peace Garden State" are now flat, not embossed.

Undated black-on-white Pioneer (Type 4)

"No Sticker Required" is printed in the black box in the upper right corner.


Pioneer plates are for antique motor vehicles at least 40 years old.  The registration is valid permanently without renewal.


N.D. DOT Motor Vehicle registration manual  [PDF format, 21 MB]

N.D. Motor Vehicle code (see section 39-04-10.4 for Antique vehicles)  [PDF format]

Online ALPCA Archives - North Dakota [requires member password]


ALPCA Newsletter, August 1990 issue, "North Dakota - The Peace Garden State, Part II", pp 111-114, 118, 121, article by Roy A. Carson.


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