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Montana    (MT)

Undated Pioneer, steel type

These 6" x 13.5" plates  were first issued in the 1950s as pairs, with numbers starting at 1.

Undated Pioneer, aluminum type

The higher-numbered plates are made of aluminum instead of steel.

Undated Vintage (debossed)

The Vintage type appeared around 1973.  Colors are silver on red.  Printing is debossed.

Undated Vintage (flat)

A white on red flat version was introduced around 2005.


Pioneer plates are for vehicles manufactured in 1933 or earlier, while Vintage plates are for vehicles manufactured in 1934 or later and more than 30 years old.  With either type, the vehicle must be used solely as a collector's item, not for general transportation.  Annual renewal is not required, and the registration is valid as long the initial registrant owns the car.


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