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Missouri    (MO)

Historic Motor Vehicle, non-reflectorized

Introduced in 1956, with numbers starting at 1-000.  Odd format, with "State Of Missouri" and "Historic Motor Vehicle" wrapped around the sides of the plate. Number 2-350 was issued in 1963.

Historic Motor Vehicle, reflectorized

A reflectorized background was employed for higher numbered plates.

Undated Historic Vehicle, large print

When serials reached 5 digits, a new type without the words "State Of" and "Motor" was used. 

Undated Historic Vehicle, small print

Around serial #13-000, smaller dies were used for "Historic Vehicle" so the words would fit between the lower bolt holes.

1983 Historic Vehicle

A dated plated was used for 1983.  Vanity plates have been most common since this issue.

Drew Steitz collection.

1984 Historic Vehicle

Another dated baseplate came out for 1984.

From eBay.

1990s Historic Vehicle

This new undated base was validated annually with stickers.

1998 base Historic Vehicle, embossed

The "Wave" graphic base has a white/blue/green color gradient down the plate.

1998 base Historic Vehicle, flat

This is the flat version of the Wave base.



"To qualify for historic license plates, a vehicle must be 25 years old or older, owned solely as a collector’s item, and used for exhibition and educational purposes.

"Historic vehicles may be driven to and from events and to repair facilities within a 100 mile limit, and may be driven up to 1000 miles per year for personal use. The owner is responsible for keeping a log of the miles driven for personal use each calendar year. The log must be kept in the vehicle when the vehicle is being driven on any state road.

"Historic license plates are a permanent registration and cannot be transferred. If you sell or dispose of the vehicle, you must return the plates to the Missouri Department of Revenue."


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