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Minnesota    (MN)

Pioneer, Type 1

First issued as 6" x 10" steel pairs in 1953, with numbers starting at 1.  Different dies were introduced around #1000.

Pioneer, Type 2

The size increased to 6" x 12" in the late 1950s, around #1500.  Plate #8101 was issued in 1972.

Pioneer, Type 3

Around #10000, the background was changed from gold to reflectorized tan.

Pioneer, Type 4

Around #17000, the black border was eliminated.

Nick Jankovich collection

Pioneer, Flat

The first flat version is black on white and features a small barcode near the lower right corner.



Pioneer plates are for antique vehicles manufactured before 1936.  The vehicle must be owned and operated as a collector's item and not for general transportation purposes.  The plates are non-expiring as long as the vehicle is in existence.  The owner has the option of displaying one or two plates.  

Other Minnesota antique auto types include "Collector" (for vehicles made after 1936 but at least 20 years old) and "Classic Car" (for designated classics between 1925 and 1948).


The Minnesota DVS web site includes statistics showing the number of active Pioneer registrations each year since 2004:

Year Number of Pioneer plates registered
2004 17070
2005 17197
2006 16246
2007 16338
2008 16439
2009 16519
2010 16662
2011 16815
2012 16934
2013 17092
2014 17218


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