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1956-61 Antique Auto attachment

The state's first Antique Auto designation was on an aluminum strip which attached to the 1956-61 passenger car plate.

1962 Antique Auto

"Antique Auto" appeared on the plate itself beginning with the 1962 base.  These plates were renewed annually with tabs though 1967.

1963-67 Antique Auto

The plates in this series issued after 1962 did not have the year embossed (i.e., there is no embossed date under the '67 tab on plate #395).

1968 Antique Auto

The new base plate for 1968 had tab slots (which were never used, since renewal stickers were introduced for 1969).  These plates were renewed through 1973.

1969-73 Antique Auto

Later plates in this series were made without tab slots or an embossed date.

1974 Antique Auto

Another new base came out in 1974.

1975-79 Antique Auto

Once again, after the first year the embossed date was dropped from the plate.

1980-85 Antique Auto

Around 1980, the layout was altered to center the state name across the top of the plate.  Also confirmed in this style is #1235.

1986-87 Antique Auto

This variation appeared about 1986.

Antique Auto (lobster base)

The lobster base debuted around 1988.

Antique Auto (chickadee base)

The chickadee plate has been in use since 1999.




Black-on-white Horseless Carriage

The Horseless Carriage type was introduced in 1979.

Horseless Carriage (lobster base)

Horseless Carriage (chickadee base)



Antique Auto plates are for vehicles more than 25 years old, while Horseless Carriage plates are for automobiles manufactured in model year 1915 or earlier.  With both types, the engine must be manufactured or restored to original specifications, and the vehicle must be "maintained primarily for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades or other functions of public interest."


The Maine BMV web site includes statistics showing the number of active Antique Auto and Horseless Carriage registrations each year since 1998:

Year Number of Antique Auto registrations Number of Horseless Carriage registrations
1998 3351 19
1998 4036 22
2000 4438 20
2001 5134 20
2002 5907 23
2003 6709 21
2004 7513 18
2005 7810 19
2006 8984 20
2007 10885 20
2008 11470 20
2009 12693 24
2010 13836 25


Maine BMV web page listing registration types

Maine BMV affidavit for Antique Auto or Horseless Carriage registration [PDF format]

Online ALPCA Archives - Maine [requires member password]


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