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Maryland    (MD)

1960 Antique Motor Vehicle

Came out in 1959, with a 3-31-60 expiration. Steel plates issued in pairs, with numbers starting at 100 or 101.

1961 Antique Motor Vehicle

Annual issues followed each year until 1971.

1962 Antique Motor Vehicle

1963 Antique Motor Vehicle

1964 Antique Motor Vehicle

1965 Antique Motor Vehicle

The state name and the expiration date switched position beginning with the 1965 plate.

1966 Antique Motor Vehicle

1967 Antique Motor Vehicle

1968 Antique Motor Vehicle

1969 Antique Motor Vehicle

1970 Antique Motor Vehicle

1971-75 Antique Motor Vehicle

The 1971 base was renewed annually with stickers through 1975.

1971-75 Historic Motor Vehicle

Around number 5000, a "Historic Motor Vehicle" type appeared.  (Oddly, however, some plates in the 5000-8000 range are the "Antique Motor Vehicle" type.) 

Red on white Historic

From 1976 to 1980, an undated red-on-white "Historic" base was used with annual stickers.  Single letter prefixes and suffixes were added after serials reached 9999. 

Black on white Historic

From 1980 to 1986, a similar black-on-white base was used.

Black on white Historic, Shield base, Type 1

The partially-screened "shield" base was introduced in 1986.  The serial format was 000-00L.  Renewal stickers were used on the rear plate only.

Black on white Historic, Shield base, Type 2

Larger printing of "Historic" started at serial 220-00L.  When serials reached 999-99L, the format switched to L00-000.  Formats 000-0L0 and 000-00Z followed.


Historic plates are for vehicles at least 25 years old (or at least 20 years old for scarce models and discontinued makes).  The vehicle must be substantially unaltered from its original construction.  Use for general daily transportation is not permitted.


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