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Massachusetts    (MA)

1951 Antique Auto

These 6" x 10" steel plates were issued in pairs starting with #1.  Reportedly came out in mid-1952 (despite the 1951 date).

1953 Antique Auto

Similar to the 1951 plate, but with a black background and the year and "MASS" moved to opposite sides.

1955 Antique Auto

Same format as the 1951 plate.

1957 Antique Auto

The first 6" x 12" plate was the 1957-58 issue.

1959 Antique Auto

For 1959-60, this style was used for numbers up to 999.

1959 Antique (4 digit)

When numbers reached 1000, the type was changed to "Antique," displayed diagonally from the upper left.

1961 Antique Auto

1961 Antique (4 digit)

As with the 1959 plate, the type was changed to "Antique" for 4 digit numbers.

1963 Antique

The diagonal "Antique" was used for all plates beginning with this issue.

1964 Antique

1966 Antique

1967-72 Antique

The first of the undated reflective base plates, renewed annually with stickers.

1973-81 Antique

1982-87 Antique

Undated Antique (1988 base)

This partially-screened red and blue on white base first appeared in 1988.




Antique plates are for vehicles over 25 years old which are maintained solely for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades, and other functions of public interest.  Annual renewal is required.


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