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Kansas    (KS)

Yellow on blue Antique (Type 1)

First issued in 1956.  Unique in the use of sequential letters (instead of numbers) as serials.  Also confirmed in Type 1 is #HJ.

Yellow on blue Antique (Type 2)

Different dies (taller serial, smaller "Antique") than the previous version.  Some plates have personalized letter combinations.

Yellow on blue Antique (Type 3)

Bolt slots replaced bolt holes.  All plates through this version are steel with painted backs.

Yellow on blue Antique (Type 4)

Here the metal is aluminum and the back is unpainted.

Yellow on blue Antique (Type 5)

A slight die change defines this variation.

Jack Walker collection

Blue on white Antique (Type 1)

The blue on white base debuted around 1982.

Blue on white Antique (Type 2)

Serials switched from letters to numbers sometime in the 1980s.  Also, the foreground color became a darker shade of blue.

Blue on white Antique (Type 3)

Again we find a version which used slightly different dies for "Kansas" and "Antique".



Antique plates are for vehicles more than 35 years old.


Kansas DMV page about Antique plates

Online ALPCA Archives - Kansas [requires member password]


ALPCA Register, October 2000 issue, photo and description of Tom Allen's "Kansas Antique Auto Plates" display, p 30.


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