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Above are just some of the many different designations that have been used on license plates for antique automobiles.  States first began issuing special plates for old/collectable cars in the middle of the twentieth century, and by 1985 (when Oklahoma introduced its "Antique" plate) it was possible to obtain this type of plate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

This website documents the vast array of Antique Auto license plates that have been used in the United States over the past six decades.  There are some limits on the scope of the site.  For the most part, only plates for the oldest of the old cars are included, so types like "Collector", "Classic", "Special Interest" and "Street Rod" (as well as "Antique Truck" and "Antique Motorcycle") are usually left out.  Also, although Canada and many other countries have issued interesting Antique Auto plates, only the U.S. is covered at this time.

Established in 2003, the site is now in its fourteenth year on-line.  Many thanks are due to those who have helped improve the site by sending photos, information, suggestions and corrections.  Also greatly appreciated are the many collectors who have bought/sold/traded plates here.  

Unless otherwise noted, the plates depicted on this site are from the Steve Grove collection.  Other information is from a variety of sources:  the ALPCA Archives, old ALPCA newsletters, antique car club publications, state motor vehicle websites, input from collectors, personal observations.  Photos and text from this site are not to be used elsewhere without written permission.



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