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1968-69 Antique Vehicle

Issued in pairs with numbers starting at 1.  Made of aluminum.  Valid for 2 years.

1969-70 Antique Vehicle

Issued only to new registrants in 1969.  Numbers reportedly started at 201.  Made of aluminum.

1970-71 Antique Vehicle

This and all subsequent Antique Vehicle plates were made of steel.

1972-73 Antique Vehicle

1974-75 Antique Vehicle

1976-77 Antique Vehicle

1978-79 Antique Vehicle

1980-81 Antique Vehicle

1982-83 Antique Vehicle

1984-85 Antique Vehicle

1986-87 Antique Vehicle

1988-89 Antique Vehicle

The legend was shortened to simply "Antique," and an "AV" suffix was added.

1994 Antique Vehicle

Beginning with this 1990-94 issue, plates were valid for 5 years, renewable for additional 5 year periods with "99" and "04" stickers.

2009 Antique Vehicle

In 2005, this new 5-year base was issued (expiring December 2009).

with permission from ALPCA Archives


Prior to the establishment of the Antique Vehicle type, special plates were issued for cars that participated in the antique auto meet at the annual Illinois State Fair.  These plates include the 1949 "Horseless Carriage", a 1950 "Antique Automobile", and the 1952 through 1967 "Historic Automobile".  The plates were valid only for the duration of the Fair and a short period thereafter.


1949 Horseless Carriage

1950 Antique Automobile

Apparently the 1950 plates were manufactured but not issued.

1952 Historic Automobile

The first 12" x 6" size.  (Note that no plates were made for 1951.)

1953 Historic Automobile

1954 Historic Automobile

1955 Historic Automobile

For the first time the plate mentioned the fair, and a different automotive graphic was introduced.

1956 Historic Automobile

1957 Historic Automobile

1958 Historic Automobile

1959 Historic Automobile

1960 Historic Automobile

1961 Historic Automobile

1962 Historic Automobile

1963 Historic Automobile

1964 Historic Automobile

1965 Historic Automobile

1966 Historic Automobile

1967 Historic Automobile



Illinois defines an Antique Vehicle as "any motor vehicle at least 25 years of age or a bona fide replica that is only driven to and from antique shows, exhibitions, demonstrations, or for servicing."


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