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Idaho    (ID)

Black on aluminum Old Timer (Type 1)

First issued in 1955 as single plates.  This style, with thick dies and a larger embossed car, was used through 3-digit serials.

Black on aluminum Old Timer (Type 2)

This version with skinny dies was used briefly around 1970.

Black on aluminum Old Timer (Type 3)

Die size between Type 1 and Type 2.

Black on aluminum Old Timer (Type 4)

Another die change and an unpainted border.

Red on aluminum Old Timer

Green on aluminum Old Timer

Bob Osborn collection.


An "Idaho Old Timer" is defined as a vehicle manufactured in 1942 or earlier, maintained to its original likeness without major modifications.  The vehicle may be used for exhibits, parades, tours and club activities, but not "customary and usual transportation."  An Old Timer plate may be used by the owner until/unless a new plate design is issued, provided the owner renews the plate every 3 years (paying a nominal renewal fee).


The Idaho Transportation Department web site includes statistics showing the number of Old Timer registrations (new or renewal) each year since 1996:

Year Number of Old Timer registrations
1996 67
1997 69
1998 1110
1998 149
2000 97
2001 707
2002 222
2003 192
2004 656
2005 258
2006 228
2007 451
2008 477
2009 267
2010 601


Idaho DMV display of license plate types [PDF format]

Idaho Motor Vehicle Code for Old Timer plates

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