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Iowa    (IA)

1958 Antique, Type 1

Steel plate, issued in pairs, with numbers starting at 1.  Low numbered plates have tab slots around the "58" (though tabs were never used).

1958 Antique, Type 2

On higher numbered plates (above 400 or so), the tab slots were dropped.

1959 Antique

1960 Antique, Type 1

The earlier 1960 plates are made of steel.  County prefixes first appeared this year.  Iowa has 99 counties.

1960 Antique, Type 2

Later 1960 plates (and all subsquent plates) are made of aluminum.

1961 Antique

1962 Antique

1963 Antique

1964 Antique

1965 Antique

1966 Antique

1967 Antique

This issue marked the debut of the reflective white background.

1968 Antique

1969 Antique

1970 Antique

1971 Antique

1972 Antique

1973 Antique

The county prefix was dropped, replaced by a generic "KA" (or "KB" after KA 9999 was reached).

1974 Antique

1975 Antique

The county prefix returned, and the KA or KB remained as well!

1976 Antique

1977 Antique

This plate was renewed for 1978 with a sticker.

1979 Antique, Type 1

These embossed plates were issued in about half the counties...

1979 Antique, Type 2

...while this debossed design was used in the other half of the counties.  Both were renewed through 1985 with stickers.

1986 Antique, Type 1

This base was renewed with stickers until sometime in the 1990s, when Iowa apparently discontinued its Antique plate, making it the only state not currently offering special plates for antique vehicles.

1986 Antique, Type 2

On later-issued plates, the bolt slots have been replaced by round bolt holes.

Dan Lowney collection


Antique plates were for motor vehicles 25 years and older whose use was restricted to parades and exhibits.  Annual renewal was required.


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