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For Sale or Trade

I'm always interested in trading for, or buying outright, Antique Auto plates.  I especially need plates which are not shown in the photos of my collection (see the state pages), or plates which upgrade mine, or plates with lower numbers (fewer digits) than those I have.

Here are some duplicates I have available.  If you want more information about a plate, or if you're looking for something you don't see, feel free to contact me.  Other info you need to know:

Discounts-  Prices are firm, but I'll give a 10% discount if you buy 5 or more.  

Shipping-  Shipping cost is not included in the prices.  Within the United States, I use USPS Priority Mail.  For normal-sized plates (12" long), figure $6.45 for up to five plates, or $13.45 for six or more.  You pay only the actual postage cost, no bogus "handling" charges.  Plates generally ship no more than 2 days after receipt of payment and arrive 2-3 days after shipping.  I'll e-mail the tracking number after shipment.

Reserving plates-  If you've decided on what you want, contact me to confirm availability, and I'll hold the plates until your payment arrives.  

Payment methods-  I'll accept checks, money orders, cash or PayPal.  

Return policy-  All plates are guaranteed -- if you're not happy, return within 10 days for a full refund.

Check back here regularly; I frequently acquire extras.


2004 CT Early American #42342  *EX*

Connecticut is unique in calling old car plates "Early American."  Here's a nice one with a natural sticker.  $15

1983 IL Antique Vehicle #91  *EX*

Unusual black-on-red color scheme, plus a nice low number.  $20

KS Antique #MAB  *VG+*

Personalized example of the steel Type 3 version.  $20

MS Antique Car #53712  *VGEX*

Mississippi used a flat stenciled graphic on an embossed plate.  $6

NE Antique #2760-NB  *VGEX*

The "NB" stands for Nebraska (not New Brunswick). This style dates from the late 1960s.  $20

UT Horseless Carriage #0000  *EX*

A nice-looking sample plate from the Beehive State.  $15

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