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Florida    (FL)

1958 Horseless Carriage

Single year plates of this type were issued only for 1958 and 1959.

1959 Horseless Carriage

Horseless Carriage Permanent, Type 1

A "permanent" version came out in 1960.

Horseless Carriage Permanent, Type 2

Later changes include beaded reflectorized lettering and removal of the raised border.

Horseless Carriage DMV, Type 1

Horseless Carriage DMV, Type 2

This version (apparently introduced at #10000) features flat printing of "Horseless Carriage".

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Horseless Carriage ("Sunshine State")

Here the state slogan has replaced "DMV".

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Another Florida type is Antique plates (not pictured).  From 1949 to 1975, these plates resembled regular passenger car plates, but with a "Q" after the county code prefix (there was no "Antique" notation on the plate).  The recent version uses 000-000 serial format, with "Antique" across the bottom of the plate.


Since 1999 (when the designations were changed and the "Collectible" type was discontinued), Horseless Carriage plates are for vehicles manufactured in 1945 or earlier, while Antique plates are for vehicles at least 30 years old manufactured after 1945.  Both types of plates are permanent and require that the vehicle be used only in exhibitions, parades and similar activities. 


Florida HSMV form for Horseless Carriage and Antique plates (PDF format)

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