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District of Columbia    (DC)

Antique Car, Type 1

First issued 1957 (expiring 3-31-58), with numbers starting at 101-A (#100-A was a prototype).  Unique metal renewal tabs were used until stickers began in 1969.  These steel plates were initially for vehicles manufactured before 1930.

Antique Car, Type 2

Changes around serial 200 include: aluminum construction, no tab slots, reflectorized paint, and an A-000 serial format.  Reportedly A-224 was the highest issued number, though numbers up to at least A-275 were manufactured.

Antique Car, Type 3

Compared to the previous version, "3-31" is missing and "District of Columbia" is in larger letters.

Historic Motor Vehicle, Type 1

The HMV type replaced the Antique Car plates in 1978.

Historic Motor Vehicle, Type 2

Changes for this version include an unpainted debossed border and blue paint on the numbers.

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A Historic Motor Vehicle must be at least 25 years old, or at least 15 years old and of a make no longer manufactured.  The vehicle must not be substantially modified from original specifications.  Usage is limited to exhibitions, parades, tours, club activities, and similar events.


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