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Porcelain EA (Early American) base (Type 1)

Issued in pairs beginning 1952, with numbers starting at 101. Size was 6" x 11".  Renewed annually with metal tabs or (beginning 1963) stickers. The auto is an 1898 Pope Columbia.

Porcelain EA (Early American) base (Type 2)

When numbers reached 1000, a thinner typeface for the numbers was introduced.  Highest confirmed number is 1600.

Undated flat EA base (Type 1)

Flat painted 6" x 12" aluminum plates resembling the porcelain style came out in 1963 after #1600.  Other confirmed Type 1 numbers are 1664 and 1776.

Undated flat EA base (Type 2)

The Type 2 flat plates have tab slots (though tabs were never used on this base).  Other confirmed Type 2 numbers are 1844 and 2041.

Undated flat EA base (Type 3)

This style, issued around the year 1970, has a black rectangle between the tab slots.  Also confirmed is number 2244.

Undated flat EA base (Type 4)

The font used for the numbers was changed to this more rounded variation, and the tab slots were dropped.  Also confirmed for Type 4 are numbers 2626 and 2800.

Undated flat EA base (Type 5)

An unusual typeface was used briefly in the late 1970s, around numbers 3400-3800.

Undated flat EA base (Type 6)

This version is similar to Type 4, but with a different font for "EA" and "Conn."

Undated flat EA base (Type 7)

"Fat" numbers appeared late in the run of flat EA plates (mid 1980s).  Number 4425 is also confirmed in this style.

Undated flat EA base (Type 8)

Yet another font for the numbers was used at the very end of the series.

Adam Garstka collection

Undated embossed EA base (Type 1)

Embossed EA plates debuted in 1988, around number 8500.

Undated embossed EA base (Type 2)

At number 10000, the car graphic was made smaller. This style was issued until mid 2000.

Undated embossed Early American base

This redesign, starting at number 34000 for new registrants, was the first reflectorized EA plate.  Existing registrants had their non-reflective EA plates replaced by this style (issued with the old registration number) during 2000 - 2002.  

Two special-issue predecessors to the EA plate should also be mentioned.  The 1947 Hartford Golden Jubilee plate was a privately made (but DMV-issued) temporary plate, valid for one month for antique cars that participated in the Jubilee Exhibition or the Glidden Tour of 1947.  The porcelain 1951 Historical Auto plate was issued (privately?) in conjunction with an antique car tour in Connecticut and may have been only a souvenir plate.


Early American plates are available to vehicles 20 years old or older which are being preserved for historical interest and are not modified from original specifications.


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