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1955-59 Horseless Carriage

Introduced in 1955 with numbering starting at 1.  All plates since inception have been 5 year issues.

Renewal tabs, 1960-1979

When the 1955-59 through 1970-74 plates were renewed for 5 years, a steel renewal tab was attached over the embossed date.

1960-64 Horseless Carriage

1965-69 Horseless Carriage

1970-74 Horseless Carriage

1975-79 Horseless Carriage

Beginning with this base, the plate was screened except for the serial, and renewal stickers (rather than tabs) were used.

1980-84 Horseless Carriage

1985-89 Horseless Carriage

1985-89 and 1995-99 Horseless Carriage

The touring car graphic was dropped.  No bases dated 1995-99 were made; instead older dated bases were issued with 1995-99 stickers.

1995-99 Horseless Carriage

An Azon-Utsch graphic base, dated "DEC 99", was introduced around 1996.  Serial format was 000000, with the numbers continuing (with leading zeroes added) from where the previous series left off.

2000-04 Horseless Carriage

A different Azon-Utsch base with 000-AAA serial format debuted for the 2000-04 issue.



Horseless Carriage plates are currently for cars and light trucks that are at least 50 years old.  Use is limited to driving associated with car shows, tours, parades and "special occasions."

Another type, Collector Vehicle, is a 5-year issue available for cars and light trucks that are model year 1975 or earlier.


The Colorado DMV web site includes statistics showing the number of active registrations by plate type, including Horseless Carriage and Collector Vehicle:

Date Number of Horseless Carriage registrations Number of Collector Vehicle registrations
31-Oct-2009 2845 99729
31-Mar-2011 3512 97566


Colorado DMV information on Horseless Carriage plates

Colorado Rules and Regulations pertaining to Horseless Carriage plates

Online ALPCA Archives - Colorado [requires member password]


ALPCA Register, June 2000 issue, p 45, article by Tom Boyd.


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