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1956 Horseless Carriage

Issued in pairs starting with #1.  All H.C. plates are solid copper.  The 1956 version is especially heavy, weighing a full pound.  Renewed annually with stickers on the rear plate.  Passenger stickers used most years, but "Antique" sticker used for 1959.

1961 Horseless Carriage

The 1961-65 version is blue on copper.  Serial format switched to A00 after #999.

1966 Horseless Carriage

Black on copper.  An "Antique" renewal sticker is confirmed for 1969.

1970 Horseless Carriage

Green lettering was the choice for the 1970 issue.  Note the use of leading zeros for low numbered plates (unlike the 1956 issue).  An "Antique" sticker was used for 1973.

1975 Horseless Carriage

Back to black on copper for the 1975 base.

1977 Historic Vehicle (solid copper)

This type began in 1977.  Serials started with 000 format, then used various 3 character alpha/numeric combinations, followed by 4 character formats 0000, 000A and others. The "77" base is still issued today.

1977 Historic Vehicle (copper-colored, Type 1)

The construction switched to copper-colored steel midway through the 000W serials (as noted by Gary Fox).  It's hard to tell the difference between the copper and steel plates without a magnet.

1977 Historic Vehicle (copper-colored, Type 2)

Larger dies for "Historic Vehicle" were used in the late 1990s. 


Horseless Carriage plates were originally for vehicles over 30 years old.  With the introduction of the Historic Vehicle type in 1977, Horseless Carriage plates were restricted to vehicles manufactured in 1915 or earlier.  Historic Vehicle plates can be used on vehicles at least 25 years old.


The Arizona MVD web site includes statistics for recent years showing the number of plates issued and the number of active registrations for the Horseless Carriage and Historic Vehicle types:

Fiscal Year Number of new Horseless Carriage plates issued Total number of Horseless Carriage registrations Number of new Historic Vehicle plates issued Total number of Historic Vehicle registrations
2002   73   20660
2003   75   20707
2004   76   20910
2005   71   21082
2006 8 75 9766 22229
2007 5 74 10936 23273
2008 6 77 11260 24174
2009 5 77 12139 25251
2010 6 23 13037 25150
2011 8 29 6598 19847
2012   76   28264


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