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Alaska    (AK)

1966 Historic Vehicle

Numbers started at 1.

1968 Historic Vehicle

The previous plates expired, and numbers started again at 1.

1970 Historic Vehicle

Once again, the new issue included renumbering from 1.

Undated Historic Vehicle with "Alaska-U.S.A."

These plates were first used about 1973.

1976 Historic Vehicle

Colors were beaded blue on yellow, like the two previous variations.  "76" is lightly debossed in the upper right corner.

Dirk Starck collection

1977 Historic Vehicle

The "77" version is the first with the non-beaded blue on gold color scheme.

Dirk Starck collection

Undated blue-on-gold Historic Vehicle, Type 1

The undated version first appeared in 1978 or 1979.  DMV documents reveal that these all-numeric serials have an implied "HV" prefix.

Undated blue-on-gold Historic Vehicle, Type 2

In this variation, "Alaska" is screened, not embossed.  Although sticker boxes are present on many AK Historic Vehicle plates of the past 35 years, stickers have not been used.

Undated blue-on-gold Historic Vehicle, Type 3

When numbers exceeded 999, the format became HW 100.  HX and HZ prefixes followed. (Apparently HY was skipped.)

Undated flat Historic Vehicle

These flat plates have a debossed white border.

Undated blue-on-gold Historic Vehicle, Type 4

In 2006, partway through the HZ sequence, Alaska abandoned the flat plate and went fully embossed for the first time since the 1970s.  An HA prefix followed HZ.


Historic Vehicle plates are for vehicles over 30 years old driven primarily for "historical exhibition or similar activity."  Annual renewal is not necessary.


The Alaska DMV web site includes statistics for recent years showing the annual number of Historic Vehicle plates issued:

Year Number of Historic Vehicle plates registered
2000 190
2001 254
2002 286
2003 361
2004 446
2005 ?
2006 489
2007 535
2008 521
2009 583
2010 604
2011 653
2012 613


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Notes from Dirk Starck (Alaska license plate collector/historian, ALPCA 6438)


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