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Goofs in “All About Eve”


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New for 2010


Revealing mistake:


In an Ep10 scene filmed at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel during the MBS 20th Anniversary banquet, one of the TV cameras used in the scene has an “MBC” label on it.



“MBS” films the event.


Close up of TV camera.



Time Lapse:


In Ep.11, as Sun-Mi does the 7:00 PM News, it is dark outside Young-Mi’s hospital room while she watches the broadcast.


In the next scene, after Sun-Mi finishes giving the newscast and returns to the Announcer’s Office, it is daylight outside.


Night scene outside the hospital room.



Daylight seen outside the Announcer’s Office.



Odd Architecture:


The night time city scene outside Young-Mi’s hospital room in Ep.11 is the same cityscape seen outside Hyung-Chul’s apartment in Ep.12








Ep.11 Cityscape outside Young-Mi’s hospital room


Ep12.Cityscape outside Hyung-Chul’s apartment.



Odd Architecture:


Young-Mi’s apartment has an exterior window and a glass block panel in the same wall as the entry door.


Scenes showing the building exterior and the corridor outside her flat show that neither of these exist outside her apartment.



Ep.03 Interior shot of Young-Mi’s apartment, showing the glass block panel on the corridor and the window.



Ep.02 Young-Mi’s building. Her apartment is on this side of the building. It is impossible for a window to be located on the same wall as the door to the corridor.



Ep.01 Corridor in building. The door to Young-Mi’s apartment is in the foreground. The glass block panel is missing.








 New for 2012









In Ep.01, when Woo-Jin comes to campus to take Sun-Mi to the MBS News location shoot, she is carrying two textbooks and wearing low-heeled white pumps with a square black toe.




Sun-Mi has two textbooks in the afternoon.



Her shoes are black and white.





Later that night, when Woo-Jin walks her home, Sun-Mi is carrying a yellow notebook along with the two textbooks, and her shoes are all black.



At night, she also has a notebook.



Sun-Mi’s shoes are now all black.



Time Lapse:


In Ep.01, as Woo-Jin watches Young-Mi at the news anchor desk through a studio camera, the digital time display behind him shows 08:32:15. The scene cuts to what he sees through the camera monitor, and when it cuts back to Woo-Jin after six seconds, the display shows 08:38:44 – over six minutes later.


At 08:32:15



6 seconds later: 08:38:44





In Ep.05 Young-Mi researches material to use in her radio presentation for the University Broadcasting Festival competition when a reference to the movie ’Gladiator’  appears on a website. The movie was released in May 2000, during the filming of AAE, but this scene supposedly happened in 1995, five years earlier.






Revealing presence:


In this Ep.06 scene, set lights and equipment are visible in reflections on the glossy wall tiles.


Sun-Mi in her bathroom.


Reflections in the wall tile.



Revealing presence:


In this Ep.19 scene, the filming lights are reflected in the polished surface of the adjacent grave’s tombstone.


Young-Mi at Woo-Jin’s grave


Lights are reflected on the adjacent tombstone.









New for 2013











In this Ep.06 scene, Sun-Mi is standing between the second and third sections of the bridge railing when Hyung-Chul walks up behind her. (RIGHT)


In the next camera shot, and those afterward, she is between the first and second sections of the railing. (BELOW)















In an Ep05 scene during the competition for the University Broadcasting Festival emcee, Sun-Mi is researching for her radio spot in the library when the computer monitor shows an ad for the movie “Gladiator” starring Russel Crowe. The ad reappears again when Young-Mi uses a computer later.


Although it is 1995 in the drama “Gladiator” was not released until 2000.



Monitor image while Sun-Mi was using the computer.


View of the monitor while Young-Mi was using the computer.



Although the competition is supposedly taking place on February 27, during the same research session on the computer, a window appears in RealPlayer, showing the date and time as Friday, May 5, 2000 12:00 PM.


Episode 05 was first broadcast on May 10, 2000.


The songs listed in the same window include several hits released after February 1996, including:

Un-Break My Heart by Toni Braxton in October, 1996

No Surprises by Radiohead in January 1998











New for 2017










In Ep.03, Hyung-Chul brings a letter he took from the mailbox in the Darwin College Porter's House.


The letter's addressee can barely be made out in the close up below:




Sun Mi Jin

Bell Language School

Red Cross Lane






Bell is an actual private language school at that address in situated on the southern edge of Cambridge, about 4.5 km from the Darwin campus where this scene was filmed.


Why would a letter addressed to Sun-Mi at Bell be delivered to Darwin College? Perhaps the original plan was to film on the Bell campus, but Darwin was the final choice, and no one thought to update the prop.




Revealing Presence:


In this Ep.12 scene in Hyung-Chul's apartment, he has just returned from a business trip and is about to listen to messages on his answering machine, one of which is from Sun-Mi.


In the lower right corner of the frame, one of the MBC cameramen filming the scene is visible for about 1.5 seconds.



(1)  Pay no attention to that man behind the camera!


(2) A closer look






In Ep.13, Sun-Mi reads from a postcard on her evening radio program "Musical Postcards"


In Ep.17, she has the same postcard in her hands again.










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