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Goofs in “All About Eve”


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Revealing presence:


The MBC News logo appears briefly but prominently during the opening theme song on a glass partition.





Other scenes where the MBC logo appears:


In Ep.07 “MBC” is visible in the lower right corner of the TV monitor in the lobby.


In Ep.20 “MBC” appears above the corridor in the lobby as Sun-Mi runs to meet Hyung-Chul’s car at the door.















In the Ep.01 opening sequence, Hyung-Chul bikes into Trinity Lane. But in he next shot he has reversed direction, heading right back toward where he entered the lane.











Error in geography:


In Ep.01, Hyung-Chul bikes around Cambridge before returning home to his apartment.


But in Ep.02 we discover the apartment is actually located in London, about 80 km from Cambridge, on the Isle of Dogs in the Docklands area.













In Ep.01, two lamp posts are located in Sun-Mi’s garden.


In later scenes, these lamp posts disappear, reappear, and change positions.



Ep.01 – The day Young-Mi arrives in Seoul. Two lamp posts in this scene.




Ep.01 – Sun-Mi’s first day at university. Only one lamp post visible in this scene.





Ep.05 – Morning of the University Festival emcee competition. No lamp posts



Ep.15 – One lamp post is back, but in a different location than Ep.01.



Ep.18 – Waiting for a five-minute hug. The post has moved closer to the deck.









Sun-Mi’s House


Studio sets paired with an actual house results in a number of architectural oddities in Sun-Mi’s home.




LEFT: Ep.02 –

View of the house from the street. The Realtor’s cliché, “It’s bigger than it looks.” is an apt description of this home, where the interior sets exceed the capacity of this building.



The diagram at right approximates the size and layout of the house seen in the exterior scenes. The two diagrams below, drawn at the same scale, are block layouts of the first and second floor interior sets.


When the interior scenes are compared to the exterior, some major differences are apparent:


1) Interiors do not match the relative size or shape of the building exterior.




House Exterior Plan




2) The first and second floors do not align, and the stairs between the floors do not connect.

(Mirroring the second floor would partially resolve this problem.)


3) Interior windows do not match the location or size of exterior windows. A particularly obvious case is the window in Sun-Mi’s bedroom. (BELOW)



First Floor Interior Plan



Second Floor Interior Plan



In Ep.08 Hyung-Chul watches Sun-Mi’s bedroom window, a tall, circle-top double-hung window, as she works into the early morning.


But the interior bedroom window is a wide, rectangular double-slider. The other ‘window’ is a sliding glass door that appears to open onto a roof deck. A similar door in the sitting room also accesses this deck. Neither matches the window Hyung-Chul watched from the street.




Ep.08 – Bedroom window from the outside.




Ep.04 – Interior bedroom set with sliding window.



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