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About the truck

My dad wanted me to be in a 4x4 when i went to college, and i wanted one to go running around in so here is what we came up with.

Sometime late November 08 to early December we went to look at the pickup. We got there and the battery was deader than a post. would not turn the engine over at all. So, we ask the guy if he has jumper cables so we can jump the pickup. well he had some cables, but they were about dollar store quality. we had the car charging the pickup for a good 15 minutes... still nothing. We offered the guy 3,500 as is without driving it or hearing it run. He wouldn't take that so we walked away. a little over a month later we went back and he had replaced the alternator and the battery. we offered him 3500 again and he again refused he wanted 3600. he finally took 3500. now it is ours

Since I have had the pickup, i have done a few little things here and there. I added a CB radio along with 2 3' fiberglass antennas in the bed. I Also added a diamond plate toolbox. The first mod i did was the grille guard with the lights. The whole unit is cheap and not really for protection but i like the way it looks, plus the lights added to it were a much needed upgrade. We wired the lights in so that when you turn on the headlights as low beams they will not come on, but when you flip to high beams they will come on. There is still a switch under the dash to make them so they will not come on also. This is very handy having them automatically come on and not having to switch them off really fast when meeting a car.

Of course i couldn't leave the stock stero alone, being that the CD player did not function. The first thing I did was get a Pioneer 3000IB CD/Ipod deck. Wired in the Ipod to the center console so it is out of the way and hidden. Next, i put my sub and amp from my Monte Carlo. The amp is a cheap 300w that i got off a friend for $20 used, and the sub is about 1000w kicker 12" sub. The sub box was custom made by me and my dad is works out really nice. Soon, i hope to be putting a 500w amp in as the 12" sub is a little much for the tiny 300w amp.

About march 2010 i was on my way back to school from being at my parents. I was about 15 miles outside of the town that my school is in and i started to smell something burning and looked in my rear view to see smoke rolling out from behind my seat. I quickly got the pickup stopped to find out that the old 300w amp had finally given up and had melted. Luckily there was no fire. I replaced it with a 600w SoundStorm amp due to it being about the only one that would fit in that spot. If you notice in the pictures i made a carbon fiber plate to keep the wires in. My wheelchair wheels would always unplug the wires so this was my solution. i now just need to come up with something similar for the switches, but that is not on my top priority.

Grille Guard Installed

After Toolbox


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