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Here is the page that I am going to use to document the build of my 1985 Honda Odyssey FL350R with a yamaha exciter 570 snowmobile engine in it. I purchased it as a project on eBay at the beginning of December 2010. my goal was to have it finished and running by spring break 2011. I have put many many hours into this project, and i greatly appreciate any comments on this. It is cool to see that people actually appreciate the work that i have put into this. After making this odyssey so pristine, it makes me want to tear my stock 350 Odyssey apart and rebuild it with all fresh paint and powder coat. That could be my next project, if i feel ambitious enough! Thanks for taking the time to look at my web page, as of now it is still a project!

The Beginning!

At the beginning of December, i ran across this Odyssey listed on eBay. at the time, i had no projects to work on after finishing my FL350 odyssey the summer of 2010. The odyssey on ebay was located only about 4-5 hours away from me so i decided to bid on it, and i won it. Probably paid a little more than i wanted, and a little more than i should have but if i hadn't, i wouldn't be writing this today! I innitially told myself that i was going to put this together and get it running, not buying many parts for it just trying to go the cheap way out. I wanted to only spend $500 on this project. Well, as you will soon see i blew that part of the budget on the wheels and tires alone! Don't get me wrong, i am not complaining. So far this has turned out to be a beautiful machine. If it drives as good as it looks, i will be in love.

Here are the pictures from the ebay auction, when i received the machine it was almost completely torn down. The only thing left on the chassis was the transmission.

Clean Up!

Now is about the time i stared cleaning up all of my parts and pieces. Initially i wasn't going to strip the frame and have it repainted, but i went ahead and did it. I am extremely glad i went ahead and had it blasted and powder coated. Once i got the entire thing broken down, i sent all of the pieces off to be sandblasted. Once they came back i started my task of painting up all of the suspension parts. While i was hard at work painting all of the suspension parts and other odds and ends, i had the frame powder coated. Along with painting the metal parts, i also freshened up the cloth and vynl parts. The seat was horribly faded and the bottom of the seat looked like someone had a wild ride! I used some vinyl paint and re-painted the seat blue. It is a little darker than the factory seat color, but it will work for me as this isnt a 100% correct restoration obviously! Along with the seat, i put some new color into the seatbelts. Along with the seat they were horribly faded and almost white in some spots. I used some RIT fabric dye and re-colored the belts to an almost new red color. They are not perfect but they will work for me!

Here are some of the before, during, and after shots of various parts.

And the build process begins!

Now that i have gone through and refinished about every single little piece on this entire machine, it is now time for me to start the awesome process of the rebuild. Seeing this thing come together has just been awesome. These pictures were after a weekend of rebuilding. I spent Friday afternoon, all of Saturday, and most of Sunday and this is the progress that i had made. You can see the mounts that we made for the radiator as well as the fuel tank. The radiator is a radiator from a Yamaha Banshee 4Wheeler with an 8" electric fan attached. This has been a perfect radiator. When running the temp gauge stays at about 160-170 and the fan never kicks on unless I am riding slow on trails. The fuel tank is just a 3.5 gallon spun aluminum one. I purchased this from someone on a VW website and it was new but he just had it sitting around for a while. I saved myself about $80 there. Now is when it is starting to take shape. After this point i just stood back and looked at this thing. I am extremely happy so far at the way that it has turned out.

Another Weekend Passed

While building this, I spent most of my life at home in the shop. You can tell that by how fast this thing really came together. Another weekend or two later and it was finally on all 4s. That was a great thing to see. For my wiring, i decided to go with aftermarket lights because this was not a 100% correct restoration, and i thought it looked good with that set of lights that i had laying around in the shop. The stock odyssey lights that i had for this one were in good condition, but i cleaned them up and put them on the other odyssey just to keep it more correct. At this time i had all my wiring harness finally done. I used a relay and a 180 degree fan sensor to automatically switch the fan on when water got up past 180. For the water pump, i used a Mercedes axillary electric pump. It actually works very well.

And finally, just figuring out how to setup the sled harness for the odyssey chassis. Everything was fairly straight forward, but i wanted to move all of the electronic components (CDI, Coil, voltage regulator) to the same spot that the stock odyssey had them. it took quite a bit of figuring, and a lot of reading on the sled manual to figure out where the wires went, and what they did. I purchased the sled manual online in PDF form for $10 as i couldn't find it free like i could the FL350 manual, but it proved to be well worth it. I was able to eliminate headlight circuit and voltage regulator for the sled headlight because instead of having them wired in to run only when the engine was running, i wired them in like the factory odyssey had them. They are switched, and then the key is the master power switch. The key is another area where i made a change to the stock configuration. I couldn't make the odyssey key work exactly how i wanted it to. it would allow the engine to have spark while the key was off, but not when it was on (tested this by jumping the solenoid). At that time i thought it would be neat to save the sled key that still had the start position instead of just on/off like the odyssey. So now, i can start the odyssey by the key, or the stock button and also kill it with the key or the stock button. Enough talk, here are some pictures.

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