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Here is the story on how i came about this thing first.

Back in 05 or 06, a local guy traded this to my dad (my dad owned the auto repair shop in town and also had a towing business) for an old POS car that he had towed, and impounded and the people never came to pay/pick the car up. The reason that my dad wanted this thing is because it is 100% hand operated, the throttle and brake is all on the steering wheel and that is perfect for me. The reason that i need the full hand control, is because in 03 a wrecked my dirtbike and broke my back and now am in a wheelchair. Anyways, the odyssey had been partially disassembled because the transmission broke and that is why it was just sitting. Initially we were going to try and get this running, but there wasn't a lot of time as my dad was the only mechanic at this shop that he owned, and since these things were made for one year parts are not all that readily available. there was an odyssey salvage yard on the coast that we were always going to get parts for it and never did. The odyssey got shoved back in an oil shed/leanto at the shop and pretty much forgotten about.

For the past year or so my dad had been battling with cancer, started with colon, then liver and complications from that. On june 2 he passed away. He was the mechanic at that shop and without him working there, my step mom did not feel comfortable working in the office and hiring someone to work in his place, so she is pretty much selling everything he had..... I didnt want this thing to just get sent to whomever purchased the shop so last week my buddy and i went and drug it out of the shed and towed it to my moms garage. I decided that i was going to make this run, and make it turn out how we had always wanted it to.

7/20/10 i ran across the tranny on ebay and i got it for a great price. Now i am just waiting on getting that here, so for the next week i am going to be going through and cleaning and lubing and checking to see what little things need fixing. I have a lead on a set of tires that i am certain will work for free/cheap also! I still need to find a few parts for the fuel system, but other than that it is going good. Its got great compression, great spark.. now i just need the 3rd element for a running engine :).

Anyways, enough with my rambling.. onto the good stuff....

Pics 7/6/10

Rebuild Process

Over the summer of 2010 I was hard at work finding, cleaning, painting, and assembling the various pieces of this thing. When it comes to the way things are i am very particular. I cannot leave anything half assed and want to make everything look as good as i can. I know being a 25+ year old machine i am not going to be able to make it look perfect, but for the amount of time and money I have into it i want to make it look as good as possible. This is why i took off alot of the small things, like skid plates, and painted them up. taking the time to tape off the factory decals so i could make sure and keep them.

Overall, for being in pieces for so many years, this odyssey was in pretty good shape. The frame was no cracked and only had a few bends here and there. and that was to be expected.

These pictures are of disassembly, taking most off the parts off to clean and paint.

After getting as much off as i felt was necessary, i then started removing rust. and applying the fresh coat of paint to things. the battery box was in very poor shape before i started, but I spent a few hours with a wire wheel cleaning off the rust and painting it up. I also took a wire wheel to the exhaust pipe and cleaned the rust off of it the best that i could and painted it. In the end it turned out looking pretty. You can see all of the parts that I had to put this thing back together.

Once that was all done i started piecing it back together. I do not have any pictures of the in-between stages but i do when it was mostly put together. The first picturre shows a brand new starter. the one that was on it was filled with oil(will get to that in a bit) and the comm was worn down almost to the windings so a rebuild may not have lasted long.

And, the odyssey as it sits the end of summer 2010. Quite a change from what it was at the top of this page :)


And she is finished. As of the 1st of 2011 here is the latest pictures. With the new odyssey project that i purchased there was a good set of front fenders and i was watching eBay to find a set of rear fenders. Weird coincidence as the fenders are hard to come by, but that does not matter to me because i have them and i think that the fenders on an odyssey just make the look. Add the aluminum wheels and it is great. This odyssey is going to stay this way for a while, but after doing more of a restoration on the 570, it has made me want to completely disassemble this one and go through it painting or powder coating the frame and all suspension parts. The first time that i went through this it was more of just a rebuild to get it running. I wanted an ATV since i hadn't been on one for about 7 years. But, once i get the other one running and have two i will have the time to go through this one. I would like to go through the motor and make sure that everything checks out okay, maybe have it ported. who knows. Anyways here is the latest picture. I love it!

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